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Toolstec-moulds. Effective moulding technology for manufacturing complex injection moulded products.

Toolstec solutions made with the customer in mind

Toolstec-moulds is a highly advanced moulding system for pipe fittings that provides high capacity usage and excellent productivity.

The modular design of Toolstec-moulds provides several unbeatable advantages, such as short delivery times, flexibility, since master moulds can be adapted with different cavity inserts, and reliability, from the use of proven design blocks.

The Toolstec-moulds are manufactured by highly skilled experts using the best available metal cutting technology. Together they ensure the high quality of each component and trouble free operation for up to a million shots.

Toolstec has more to offer
  • Knowhow of the complete process, including the moulding process and the design of fittings
  • Mould designs for every specific need
  • Standardized design blocks for pipe fitting moulds
  • Professional project management


The Precision Instrument

Collapsible core technology for producing pipe fittings.

Toolstec team has knowledge of collapsible cores for use in the production of pipe fittings. Toolstec-cores can be used with all plastic materials used to produce pipe fittings, such as PVC, PP and PE.

Benefits of Toolstec-core

The cooling for the Toolstec-core is very effective, so it functions within the normal time for a mould’s cycle, automatically and without any extra action. This means considerably shorter cycles overall and greater dimensional accuracy than with other processes.

The Toolstec-core has a collapsing effect of up to 20 per cent of the nominal pipe dimension.

Standard sizes and types of groove

Toolstec-core is made in all standard dimensions from 32 mm up to 400 mm. For special orders Toolstec can make other dimensions, based on the standard sizes.

The Toolstec-core can be used to make undercuts for all the commonest designs of gasket.

Ease of maintenance

Thanks to their simple structure and the light weight sliding rails, maintaining Toolstec-cores is easy and fast. Normal maintenance for pipe fitting moulds is sufficient. The robust materials used in production and the use of standard components lengthen the working life of the cores and increase production efficiency.

The structure and ease of maintenance are some of the Toolstec- core’s strongest features.

TOOLSTEC-service for injection moulding process

Redimensioning the mould

When you are changing a raw material to a new one or your moulds have significant wear marks. Then it is time to do redimensioning. Toolstec will assist you at mould redimensioning process. Toolstec team’s long-term experience in redimensioning of all types of pipe fitting products gives us the best available tools to do it.

Mould modifications

Sometimes there appears a need for mould modification. With Toolstec’s help these changes can be made smoothly. Toolstec gives also consultation when a customer is calculating the most economic way of making the modifications needed.


Name Type Size X Y Z
Zayer Machining center 800X800 1500 1200 1300
Mikron Machining center 1200X600 710 600 500
Mikron Machining center Ø630 710 630 500
Exeron EDM 900X900 600 500 400
Charmilles Wire EDM 750X550 400 300 400
Blohm Surface grinding machine 800X600 800 600 410
Blohm Surface grinding machine 700X300 700 300 360
Kellenberger Cylindrical grinding machine max.Ø340 800    
Steinel Lathe max.Ø520 1000    

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